How do comments affect you?

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Thought of the Day

Which one of these are you?

You receive feedback from two people who you work with.

The first person, someone with whom you have daily contact, is extremely positive with only great things to say about you.

The second, a person who does not know you as well and with whom you have very infrequent contact or interaction of any kind,  has less than positive things to say.

Which one will affect you more? Will you assume that the praise is more valuable as it is from someone who knows you well or, will you consider the more negative thoughts from someone who does not know you at all, to be more relevant?

To clarify further you report to person number one directly and person number two is the person that your boss reports to.

I think that human nature has us gravitating towards the opinion of the second person with it having the greater impact on our psyche, but wonder how others see it?

And would it be different if both people were not in your business world and instead were in your personal world?

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