Making Decisions

By | January 23, 2015

This simple thought about stress management came to me this morning concerning the way in which we live life and conduct business!

In life as in business, anxiety and stress typically stem from feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and an inability, whether real or simply perceived, to affect change!

When those feeling creep in, it is the way in which we handle them that will often spell the difference between relative calm or a pounding heart, sweaty palms and thoughts of impending doom! It may often determine whether in fact a satisfactory resolution is found.

These are some of the ways that I have seen decision-making handled…

People can either be proactive or reactive in their approach to a solution?

Some will stick their heads in the sand hoping the problem will simply go away while others will actively go out in search of a solution?

Many will choose to make decisions by omission and let the resolution be forced on them? Others will instead make decisions by commission and take an active role in the resolution?

The truth of the matter is that no decision is guaranteed to be correct, a fact that freezes many people in their tracks due to a fear of making a mistake.

As a trader for many years I operated on a thesis that if I was correct over half of the time I would be in good shape. Indecision, hesitation and fear were not emotions that I could let take over my thought process.

If I did my homework, research and adhered to my controls and disciplines I increased the odds of making the right choice as much as I possibly could.

Then, when I pulled the trigger, I knew I might be right and I might be wrong but, one thing is for sure…

I felt good about the process even if I was possibly not happy with the end result!

The moral of the story?

There is no such thing as a sure thing but we need to be a participant in the process!


Michael Haltman, President of Hallmark Abstract Service, New York.

HAS is a provider of title insurance in New York State for residential and commercial real estate transactions.

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  1. dinta

    Reduce the anxiety in your life by learning to say no to situations that cause you stress. There is no reason to feel that you must be available to fulfill every request that is asked of you. Learn not to accept responsibility for more than you are able to handle comfortably.


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