Hallmark Abstract Service Wants to Help Its Clients Negotiate with New York City!

By | April 16, 2012

Hallmark Abstract Service New York State title insurance

The relationship established with Skyline Research Group represents another important milestone in our continued efforts at Hallmark Abstract Service to:

  • Help our clients streamline their closing processes, and
  • Provide value-added resources and services to our clients in non-traditional ways.

Skyline Research Group (SRG)

SRG specializes in negotiating with New York City to reduce monies due on commercial and residential property for ECB violations, Housing and Preservation and Development judgments and other NYC judgments and charges.

They also negotiate liens from third parties such as Con-Ed, Keyspan, Brooklyn Union Gas etc.

SRG has been engaged in successfully performing these negotiations since 2005.

While there are many firms that offer these services, through Hallmark’s due diligence process we felt that SRG was best situated to exceed the expectations of our clients and by extension their clients.

SRG will provide a free analysis of a clients property and if retained will only be paid upon a successful reduction of the amount owed by a property owner.

If you have any questions or would like to be put in touch with SRG, please let us know.

At Hallmark Abstract Service we take pride in the way that we conduct our business and in the continued level of satisfaction enjoyed by our clients.

Call us to set up an appointment and we will come to your office to learn about the nuances of your practice and explain to you the way we approach the title business!

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At Hallmark Abstract Service, we work harder to make your closings easier!

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