Dilbert Explains Economics And Economists!

By | March 28, 2015

If you have ever watched CNBC, listened to Bloomberg on your way to the train station or tried to decipher a Fed Chair’s press conference, what I am about to say will come as no surprise!

That the economic ‘experts’ will sometimes, okay most of the time, okay all of the time, attempt to use esoteric jargon that is foreign to all but other economists.

In fact there are times when I think that may actually be the point as I articulated back in 2012 when I wrote the article titled ‘Janet Yellen…Snake Oil Saleswoman?

The Fed Chair in question at that time was Ben Bernanke of whom I wrote…

…Watching his press conference I am reminded of “that” salesman who tries every gimmick and plays every angle in order to put as much into his pipeline as possible hoping all will close when in reality very little of it ever will.

Ben Bernanke is ‘that’ salesman who is expanding the Fed balance sheet to a point at which it will be impossible to reverse and yet, nothing in the economy actually seems to substantially improve when you scratch below the surface of the numbers…

All of that said this Dilbert cartoon attempts to clarify the field of economics and let me preface it first it by saying that in no way is it meant as a knock on economists (okay maybe just a little).

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