CARTing isn’t what you think it is!

If you live in NYC and hear the term ‘carting’ a few things will likely come to mind… but certainly one in particular!

For New Yorkers the term carting typically means the collection of stuff by a big truck. It also brings to mind a somewhat sordid history as described by the FBI website:

Since 1957, when New York City opened commercial carting, or garbage hauling routes to private companies, New York City carters and their worker’s unions have been controlled, for the most part, by the La Cosa Nostra (LCN).

But forgetting about that definition, let’s…

Segue to Building a CART for Business!

For the purposes of this article, however, the term CART is an acronym relating to the way in which networking businesspeople convey a clear and concise message to someone, anyone, about what they do and how they do it.

This is a brief summary from an article written at Huffington Post by Mark Karten:

…A very effective way to create a concise message is to build a CART. CART stands for “Challenge, Action, Result, Testimonial” and can benefit your business in multiple ways. Use a successful transaction and identify what challenge your customer presented. Then describe the action you took to solve the challenge. The result is the outcome, based on the action. To bring it all together, the customer’s testimonial will validate your work as a third-party trusted source.

CARTs can be produced as a one-page summary on your website, social media as well as press releases to paint a story of your differentiation in action. These examples will help you create substance and consistency in your message from the elevator pitch to the presentation…

The full article can be read at HuffPo here, and I would recommend that readers sign-up to receive Mark’s new articles as they are published because he has great insight and provides terrific information!

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