Building in NYC? Zoning Lot Exhibits I and III likely need to be recorded first!

By | January 30, 2022

Building in New York City? Did you know that…

In NYC if you’re constructing a home or some other building, or enlarging an existing one, Zoning Exhibits I and III need to be prepared, recorded and a CRFN (City Register File Number) number obtained first.

The owner, architect or some other entity in charge of the project will typically contact a title insurance company to get that done.


Of course Hallmark Abstract Service can help prepare and record the Exhibits, but if you’re in the process of buying a property…

Take a proactive look at the title insurance portion of your real estate transaction, this incredibly important piece of ANY residential or commercial real estate purchase!

To examine the title costs for the New York residential property you’re considering, use the free Hallmark Abstract Service Title Bill App by clicking here and registering for free,

And if you want to understand more about title insurance and title insurance providers, please read the article…

‘Are New York Title Insurance Providers All The Same?’ here,

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