Boxers Wanted For The 2015 Long Island Fight For Charity!

By | February 13, 2015

Celebrating its 12th year of raising money for Long Island charities, the 2015 Long Island Fight For Charity is looking for a few good men and women…

…to train, raise money and on November 23, 2015 step into the ring to fight for charity in front of up to 1,500 cheering fans!

Having boxed in the 2013 10-Year Anniversary Edition of the FFC I can honestly say that it was a phenomenal and fulfilling endeavor that my entire family will always remember.

Training and the event itself pushed me physically while at the same time taking me out of my comfort zone in a variety of ways.

For anyone who might consider participating and would like a first-hand opinion of the experience feel free to send me an email at

And, for a SportsCenter-like look at what the night is like, this is a video of my family leading me to the ring on November 25, 2013.

Long Island Fight for Charity,boxing,NYC


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2 thoughts on “Boxers Wanted For The 2015 Long Island Fight For Charity!

  1. Ken Dunn

    Hi. Any amatuer boxing matches coming up? My grandson is taking lessons and would love to see one. Even one between boxing training clubs. My daughter does not want him to go to the city.
    Thank you.


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