Beats by Dre, the World Cup and 5 of the keys to great advertising! (Video)

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Whether advertising is being created for a title company, mortgage bank, real estate office or Beats by Dre, there are certain keys to ensuring that it as effective as it possibly can be!

For anyone in a competitive business, in effect most of us, differentiating ourselves from the competitors is extremely important although at times easier said than done.

What are some of the keys to effective advertising?

  1. You want to grab and hold the viewers’ attention!
  2. You need to clearly convey your company’s value proposition that makes your product better for your customer than that of your competitor
  3. You must show your target audience the importance of your product and why they should want to own it!
  4. You should craft the message of your ad so that it is completely clear and 100% relevant to the consumer you are trying to reach!
  5. You have to try in some way to make your ad clearly linked to your brand like the AFLAC duck or the E-Trade baby! This may be the most difficult of all to achieve.

For the 2014 World Cup, Beats by Dre  developed this ad that basically fulfills rules 1-5!

If any reader has advertising that they think does as well pass it along and if we agree it will be presented here at a later date.

Beats by Dre!

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