Are New York Real Estate Attorneys All The Same?

By | October 19, 2020


Of course they’re not, in much the same way that mortgage brokers, real estate agents or pizza parlors, etc. are not all the same! And, yes, this includes title insurance providers too.

Great real estate attorneys might only handle this one aspect of the law, while some other phenomenal real estate attorneys may also deal with additional sub-areas of the law too.

So what is it that differentiates the great ones from those who are simply doing their job? There are intangible factors as well as tangible, but some attributes can be pinpointed including:

  • Passion for the Job. …

  • Compassion for Clients. …

  • Great Communication Skills. …

  • Willingness to Listen. …

  • Knowledge of the Law. …

  • Strong Writing Ability. …

  • Creativity. …

  • Good Judgment. (Source:

But As Great As An Attorney Might Be, How Are Client Referrals Generated?

An offshoot of being terrific at your job, are the referrals received from current clients to new potential clients.

Part of the referral process for attorneys who work in real estate, apart from the list above, stems from the valued-added that they can provide to property buyers and property sellers.

With that in mind,  we are very excited to announce that Hallmark Abstract Service has developed technology that provides phenomenal on-demand information generating tools that most of a New York attorneys ‘competitors’, will not possess!

Value-Added and Free Real Estate Technology…

For New York State attorneys Hallmark Abstract Service has developed technology, simple and free to download and use, that will provide phenomenal tools to both attorney and their clients!

On-Demand Knowledge…

Hallmark Abstract Service Free New York State Real Estate Technology

HAS wants to share its free technology, incredibly valuable, whether you are an attorney, a homebuyer, home seller, real estate agent or mortgage loan originator.

Registering takes seconds, and the program provides the following tools:

  • New York Title Bill On-Demand

  • Loan Estimate Quote, 

  • Seller Net Sheet, 

  • Buyer Estimates 

  • Rent Vs. Buy Analysis

Use the button below to Register and learn more about this fantastic and free technology…


Hallmark Abstract Service

You Buy, We Protect!

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2 thoughts on “Are New York Real Estate Attorneys All The Same?

  1. Lee A. Schwartz Esq.

    Great article, and so true. Although you sort of hit on it with “creativity”, its all about the attorney having the right attitude to get a deal done, which not all attorneys have. I tell my clients when I first meet with them, “I am a deal maker, not a deal breaker.” While i usually get a chuckle when I say that, the problem is that not enough attorneys have that attitude.


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