A list of business networking DON’TS!

By | December 2, 2014

For anyone who spends time networking for their business, there is a right way to do things and a wrong way!

Assuming that most of those reading this article either network the right way or want to network the right way, here is a Slideshare that details some of the things not to do when you enter a room filled with potential contacts!

[slideshare id=42211431&doc=introduction-hownotto-141201061654-conversion-gate01]

H/T Bernard Marr


Michael Haltman, President of Hallmark Abstract Service, New York.

HAS is a provider of title insurance in New York State for residential and commercial real estate transactions specializing in the areas of New York City, Long Island and Westchester.

For anyone either buying a property or refinancing, remember that although your attorney will likely recommend a title insurance provider, you always have the right to choose your own title company (click here to learn more)!

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