A Hallmark Abstract Service Thanksgiving Turkey Story: Epilogue!

By | November 29, 2020

On Thanksgiving Hallmark Abstract Service provided a twist on an old riddle, ‘Why did the chicken cross the road?’

A Hallmark Abstract Service Thanksgiving Turkey Story: Epilogue!

So Why Did the Turkey Cross the Road?

One reason, obviously, was trying to get away from the chef with the knife and fork, actually a bit of a fool’s errand! In this case it’s particularly true, as the turkey is attached to the chef’s sled.

In reality, however, it was actually the chef who was on a mission, trying to speed to the Hallmark Abstract Service office desperate to get a 2nd opinion on the title bill she received for a New York property she was buying!

Why, you may be asking, a second opinion for something that her attorney has ordered from a title insurance provider that he or she has confidence in?

Actually, The Chef Is Spot-on!

After making sure that the title insurance company being used has a laser-focus on protecting her, the buyer, it’s important that the chef makes sure the fees that that the title insurance company is charging her are fair.

The title insurance bill will include many of the costs the chef will face at the closing table. It will include the title insurance premium(s) that will be the same regardless of the title insurance provider being used. The charges for other items on the title bill, however, can and typically will vary. These include such things as document recording fees, search fees and many other fees as well.

The differences in cost of fees between companies can and do vary widely, sometimes by as much as $500-$1,000.

The chef, with her original title insurance bill in hand, will ask Hallmark Abstract Service for a title bill for the specific transaction she’s involved with. Alternatively she could have stayed in the kitchen and used the free Hallmark Abstract Service App that would allow her to calculate the costs for her specific transaction, as the App uses Hallmark Abstract’s fees.

The payoff? If the chef’s attorney is already using another title insurance company, the results from either the Hallmark Abstract Service App or the title bill requested directly from Hallmark Abstract, will allow her to go back to ask that some of the fees be reduced!

But, regardless of which of those stories is more believable, the Hallmark Abstract Service family wishes everyone a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving!


So how did this story turn out, both for the chef (homebuyer) and turkey (potential Thanksgiving meal)?

The Chef: She received a title bill for her transaction from Hallmark Abstract Service, and because her attorney was already engaged with another title company for the transaction, was able to go back to them and use the Hallmark Abstract bill to have the non-title insurance premium fees on the original title bill reduced by $612.35!

The Turkey: The Chef getting a 2nd opinion on her title bill ended-up working to the benefit of the turkey as well! The Chef was so happy with the reduced bill that she went home and released the turkey to her backyard where it will live happily ever after!

The moral of the story? Always remember the phrase…

You Buy, Hallmark Abstract Protects!

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