A Ferguson, Missouri Feel Good Story!

By | November 28, 2014

At first blush the title of this article doesn’t seem to make much sense, particularly if you’ve been watching the scenes of violence and destruction on T.V.!

But it’s out of this violence and destruction, much of it directed at innocent small business owners in the town of Ferguson, Missouri, that a prime example of the basic goodness and kindness of people has emerged.

The story involves local business owner Natalie Dubose who opened her shop, Natalie’s Cakes and More, this past summer out of a love of baking and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Her shop was severely damaged during the riots and someone suggested that she reach out and ask for help covering the costs of rebuilding that she could never afford to do on her own.

People around the country have responded helping Natalie to far exceed her goal!

At the same time Natalie has used her success in raising funds to provide a link to help another small business owner in Ferguson who is also trying to find the funds necessary to rebuild.

This is critical in an area where other small business owners might simply give up and move on.

Here is Natalie’s story with a link to her fundraising page along with a link to the fundraising page for Juanita Morris, owner and operator of Fashions R Boutique.

Hello, I’m Natalie Dubose of Ferguson, Missouri. I’m a small business owner with a cake shop and a bakery dream.

First, I would thank everyone for their warm wishes, empathy, and support during this crazy difficult time.

I would love to write more, and will try soon, but my business is so behind right now. 

My shop, which had it’s grand opening this summer was vandalized in the riots. 

My main windows were smashed and bakery damaged. I’m beside myself, but with the holidays, can’t stop working.

I’m very busy cleaning and trying to repair my business. I’m also trying to catchup on baking cakes for Thanksgiving!

I promise to update this later. I’m truly mixing batter right now. I began baking and selling cakes at local flea markets, slowly saving money to start my small business.


It was my dream and I’m working hard to accomplish that dream.

The outpouring of support on Twitter, Facebook, and in the media has been amazing. I was in tears.

It was suggested that I start this account by a new friend and here it is. I do need help to rebuild and create a website, so any donations would be a huge assistance. 

I’m not sure where to find the money to repair my little bakery. But, even if you just stopped by to say hello. Thank You !!!!

I’ve never felt such love.

Thank You !!!


Natalie’s Cakes and More Fund

Fashion’s R Boutique Fund


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