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Government revenue shortfalls: Blame the weather, the economy or the internet?

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Follow @Hallmark Abstract Service The snowfall and storms that made for an  extremely tough weather winter in the northeast has also been made the scapegoat and the excuse for all things that point to an economy that may be rolling over! Whether it’s corporate earnings misses or a slowdown in home sales and new construction, […]

Dam this weather!

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If you’ve been ‘enjoying’ the brutal winter that’s impacting the United States from coast to coast then the spring thaw can obviously not arrive soon enough! Unfortunately, however, recent warmer temperatures coupled with the unprecedented amount of snowfall in many areas is now creating a potential issue on the roofs of homes in the form […]

Sunday Funnies: Dogs shoveling the snow! (Video)

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This video is for New Yorker’s who have been dealing with a long and difficult winter already receiving about two times the average amount of snowfall for the season! And if you own a home or are responsible for clearing snow at a property these past few months have been made that much tougher! Wouldn’t […]

Snow-day prep school rap! (Video)

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For anyone living up and down the east coast this video represents one of the more creative ways to tell parents and students that school has been cancelled! H/T Jonathan Turley ________________________________________________________________________ Don’t Pay Too Much For Your Title Insurance! If you have any questions about title insurance in New York you can contact Hallmark […]

Super Bowl affordability update!

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Two days ago an article here discussed the affordability of the Super Bowl and how, for everything from lodging to tickets, this New York City event was priced out of reach for most but the lucky few! ‘…The truth is, however, that for the run-of-the-mill football fan (or anyone else) all of this pre-game and […]