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Update: Time Lapse Video Of UPS Packages Moving Through Worldport, Louisville, Ky!

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(Update: Infographic below of how Santa gets the presents under the tree in time for Christmas morning) On Christmas Eve the final push is being made all over the United States (and the world) to get presents under the tree in time for Friday morning when the kids wake-up! This week on Tuesday alone, UPS estimated […]

Time-Lapse Video: China Builds A 57-Floor Skyscraper In 19 Days!

An astounding feat of engineering and technology with a 57-floor skyscraper in China constructed in a mere 19-days at a rate of 3-stories per day! ‘Sploid reader Xian Min Zhang sent us the latest time-lapse video of the construction of his latest building: A 57-floor 2-million-square-foot (180,000-square-meter) skyscraper fully built with energy-efficient, factory-produced Lego-like blocks. […]

Time-Lapse Video Of The Freedom Tower Construction 2004-2013

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Time-Lapse Video of the construction of the Freedom Tower (One World Trade Center) from 2004-2013! ABC US News | ABC Entertainment News Follow @Hallmark Abstract Service If you are buying or refinancing Residential or Commercial Real Estate in New York you can potentially save hundreds of dollars in closing costs with Hallmark Abstract Service! Click […]

Time-Lapse Video: The Evolution of Doha

Follow @Hallmark Abstract Service From desert to modern day metropolis, this time-lapse video shows the evolution of the Middle Eastern city of Doha, Qatar! (Source) ___________________________________________________________________ Follow @Hallmark Abstract Service Buyers of Residential or Commercial Real Estate in New York State or anyone refinancing an existing mortgage there can potentially save hundreds of dollars in […]

Time lapse video of the world record setting concrete pour in Los Angeles!

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Over this past weekend in Los Angeles the foundation of the soon-to-be constructed Wilshire Grand Hotel set a Guinness Book of World Records mark for the longest continuous concrete pour in history! ‘More than 80 million pounds of concrete were poured for 18 hours in downtown Los Angeles this weekend as the Wilshire Grand Center […]