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The Booming Business Of Residential Safe Rooms

  In a world that’s fraught with turmoil, terrorism and social angst, the art of protecting people in their homes has become big business! Big business that is, but one that’s not necessarily appropriate or available to all people. Home protection in the form of a safe room is a residential real estate luxury add-on […]

Situational awareness and vigilance tips for ourselves and our families!

The unimaginable attack at an Oklahoma plant last week was a stark and unfortunate reminder that the need for vigilance and situational awareness has grown more acute! And while this topic is an uncomfortable one that some may prefer to ignore, it’s critical to at the very least follow some basic and fundamental rules for […]

Rules of business: T’d up again!

Last week’s article, ‘Violating one of the cardinal rules of business!‘, discussed how in business there are certain topics that are basically supposed to be off-limits and how sometimes that rule needs to be ignored! These topics to be avoided typically include religion, world events and politics but, in that article, this basic tenet  was […]

Violating one of the cardinal rules of business!

Article originally appeared at LinkedIn here. In this case the cardinal rule in question states that expressing an opinion about politics or world events can be bad for your business! So why, if I know it is a violation of the rules, am I about to do it? The answer is that at times, times […]

The importance of situational awareness in real estate*!

      HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO A CLOSING WHERE THE TITLE WASN’T CLEARED? WE HAVEN’T! ________________________________________________________________________ Let’s say you’re running an open house and the living room is crowded with people who you assume to be potential and viable buyers! Some if not most of those people are not going to make an offer […]