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Video Satire Of Every Economic News Report You Have Ever Watched!

In a strange twist of fate only one day after the article ‘Dilbert Explains Economics And Economists!‘ was released, this video satire portraying the sameness of news about the economy was discovered! The simple premise is that regardless of the news report you are watching, the focus and theme of the output when it comes […]

Cartoon: Student Loan Satire

Student loan debt

The cartoon below provides a tongue-in-cheek alternative payback method for unemployed or under-employed recent college graduates! Currently the recent college graduate unemployment rate in the nation is running in the range of 8.5% compared to the overall national average under 6% (new employment data will be released tomorrow). This statistic, when coupled with an average […]

Profile of ‘typical’ Manhattan roommates by neighborhood! (Infographic)

title insurance New York,New York City,Long Island

Infographic that satirically looks at each Manhattan neighborhood, provides average 1 and 2-bedroom rents along with an amateur profile of what the residents like, don’t like, where they frequent and where they would live if they couldn’t live where they are! Source Follow @Hallmark Abstract Service Buyers of Residential or Commercial Real Estate in New York State or anyone refinancing […]