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The Timeless Art Of Networking For Your Business!

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The business networking tips and tools in the article below, written in January 2015, are as relevant today as they were then. The takeaway? That while some networking ‘tools’ have changed along with technological advancements, the basic concepts behind successful networking do not! How To: Business networking done right! It’s 2015 and as a New […]

Residential Landlord-Tenant Detente: 14 Things Landlords Want You To Know!

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The relationship between apartment landlords and the tenants who live in their buildings can, unfortunately, at times be an adversarial one! Tenants want building and apartment issues resolved immediately and to their satisfaction, while at the same time desiring that the rent they pay be as little as possible. Landlords, in business to make money and […]

Ask these 10 questions before you hire a collection agency! (Guest Post)

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10 Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Collection Agency Many companies today are choosing to outsource their debt collections because either they don’t have the personnel and expertise to manage it or the cost factor involved in doing same.  Hiring a collection agency ensures that your staff can  devote their precious time to other […]