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Find out if you live in a sinkhole zone! This Rockville Centre woman actually does!

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On February 5th Hallmark Abstract Service wrote an article that asked whether homeowners or businesses knew if they were in any sinkhole danger! Ironically the first paragraph of the article which said, ‘While the odds of anyone in New York City or Long Island living in an area that’s prone to sinkholes is minor, what […]

Does your homeowners insurance exclude radiation contamination?

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For Americans the nuclear disaster that was set-off by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Fukushima, Japan in March 2011 was a tragic story not expected to significantly impact the United States! Since that time, however, anecdotal evidence suggests that the nuclear waste and radiation flowing from the core of the crippled reactors that has […]

If a tree falls on Long Island and nobody is home to hear it…

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As I look out my window at the swirling winds bending the trees in my backyard in Long Island, New York this age-old question comes to mind… If a tree on my property falls onto a neighbors property, and either no one is home to hear it or both owners actually watch it happen, who […]

Hurricane Sandy business interruption claim denials could be all wet!

Hurricane Sandy business interruption claims are being denied!

Many companies that thought they were covered for Hurricane Sandy business losses are now finding that their insurance company is telling them that their claims are all wet! Isn’t that just like an insurance company? It reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry goes to pick up a rental car only ot find out […]

Business continuity and disaster preparedness! (Reprint)

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For those of us in the northeast who have been battered by Hurricane Sandy the topic of disaster preparedness and business continuity strikes very close to home! First I’d like to send my sincerest hope that all who have endured this disaster are as unscathed as possible and that family and friends are safe and […]