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NYC Rents Negatively* Impacted By The Law Of Supply And Demand

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Negatively of course if you are an apartment owner or developer and positively if you are a prospective tenant! Economics 101: More supply in the face of steady or even declining demand, regardless of the product, will lead to lower prices! Of course in the category of luxury Manhattan rental apartments, there are other variables […]

Is there anecdotal evidence that the NYC real estate bubble may be about to burst?

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Summary: Has the bubble in New York City real estate been fully reflated and is about to burst? The highest rental apartment vacancy rate in 9-years coupled with a construction boom and concessions being offered to attract tenants suggests that the answer may be yes! ‘Manhattan Rental Apartment Vacancies Hit A 9-Year High! (Video)’ This sparks the question […]

Profile of ‘typical’ Manhattan roommates by neighborhood! (Infographic)

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Infographic that satirically looks at each Manhattan neighborhood, provides average 1 and 2-bedroom rents along with an amateur profile of what the residents like, don’t like, where they frequent and where they would live if they couldn’t live where they are! Source Follow @Hallmark Abstract Service Buyers of Residential or Commercial Real Estate in New York State or anyone refinancing […]