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The WSJ Makes Understanding Title Insurance Easy!

For a buyer or refinancer of commercial and residential real estate title insurance will typically, at some point in the transaction, become a focal point for their attorney and potentially for them as well if a problem crops up that needs to be resolved! But that said, for many the only concept that they will have […]

Title Insurance: Some Basic Facts!

Title Insurance: Protects the property owner from an undiscovered issue THAT HAS HAPPENED IN THE PAST where most other insurance lines protect the purchaser from some future event! If you are financing a home or refinancing an existing mortgage the lender will require a title policy, known as the Loan Policy, to protect the collateral securing the […]

Title Insurance: A General Tutorial!

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Why Title Insurance Is Vital For A Homebuyer! Today more than ever, consumers are reminded that in order to have peace of mind, they should purchase an owner’s title insurance policy whenever they buy a home. This is especially true when buying a property that has been foreclosed. Anyone who purchased an owner’s title insurance […]