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Is The US Real Estate Market Facing A New, Post-Financial Crisis, Chapter Of Moral Hazard?

housing market moral hazard

With the US housing market having recouped most of its pre-financial crisis price levels (exceeded in some markets) in conjunction with the Federal Reserve having engaged in ZIRP (zero interest rate policy) for an extended period of time, is the market once again facing a moral hazard? First, how would one define moral hazard vis a vis the real […]

A Contrarian Opinion About Amazon: The Last Bubble Standing!

Amazon.com earnings

Anyone watching on the afternoon that Amazon reported earnings saw an immediate jump of about 20% in its share price! The euphoria (+$40 billion in market cap) was due to a small reported profit when a loss had been expected along with the performance of the company’s cloud computing division. The stock of Amazon.com had closed […]