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Cats Have No Place In A Legal Proceeding…A Legal Ethics Lesson! (Viral Video)

By now you, along with 10.3 million of your friends, have likely seen the unfortunate situation an attorney found himself in during a Zoom hearing. Present at said hearing was the judge and this poor attorneys adversary! If for some reason you have not seen it, we share it below. But more importantly, this episode presents itself […]

Power And Pain Of The Internet: We Are All Bound By An Historical Record!

Rule: Don’t write about anything on the internet concerning a position that’s been stated for political or professional expediency! But, as most of us already know (and if you don’t know you are learning by watching both parties fight to find a presidential candidate), saying anything to earn a nomination or win an election is for most of […]

Google Algorithm Update: Find Out If Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly!

Tomorrow a change in the Google algorithm will effectively penalize websites not deemed ‘mobile-friendly’! The question therefore is whether your website be helped or hurt in the rankings as a result? You can find out now by taking the ‘Mobile-Friendly Test’ at the Google Developers website here – Mobile-Friendly Test If your website is up to Google’s […]

The Internets Vast Reach Observed In Real Time!

Most everyone who reads this article is well aware of the vastness that is the Internet! After-all you are either reading this article on LinkedIn or perhaps at the website of my company Hallmark Abstract Service. Chances are also pretty good that at some point today you were also on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or […]

Reputation Management and Chinese Food

For small businesses (actually all businesses) this is a story about reputation and how quickly, given the internet and anger, a customer can potentially try to tarnish yours! “Makin’ mistakes ain’t a crime, you know. What’s the use of having a reputation if you can’t ruin it every now and then?”  ― Simone Elkeles Mistakes […]

Internet Browser Wars: Which one should you use?

Who hasn’t been there at one time or another whether in business or in our personal lives asking the question…Which internet browser should I use? Luckily there are sources that evaluate and rate these portals to the information we need, the social media we use, the shopping that we do along with whatever else it […]

Criteria Google uses to determines if your website is ‘quality’

If your company has a website (which of course it should), one of your goals should be receiving organic traffic through an internet search by a user interested in your specific product or service! And of course the number one goal, the mother-load of organic search, is to appear on Page 1 of the results! Google uses a complex […]

Internet marketing for real estate and the law!

title insurance New York

As a small business with a website and a blog Hallmark Abstract Service lives by one of the oldest internet marketing truisms that says… The sad reality is that a firm can provide the best legal representation, offer the best message, possess the best website, have a stable of the most satisfied customers and write […]