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Title Insurance: What Do You Know About The Underwriter Protecting Your Investment? (New York)

caveat emptor

When a buyer purchases residential or commercial real estate in New York, or is refinancing an existing mortgage, they will be acquiring title insurance along with it*! While title insurance will be protecting the owner against financial loss for what is likely their most valuable asset by ensuring that they have good and clear title to the property, […]

Liberty Mutual Ads: Great marketing, somewhat misleading or both? (Video)

First let me say that I am not generally a fan of insurance companies nor an apologist for them either! That said, I do of course certainly recognize the critical need for the services that they provide! A confusing position I know particularly since I own a company that writes title insurance policies for real estate! But […]

Update: TRIA (Terrorism Risk Insurance Act) Reauthorization Being Fast-Tracked

Back on December 19th we wrote about the impact that an expiration of TRIA on December 31 could have on the availability of certain types of insurance coverage! ‘If TRIA expires, commercial insurers will no longer be required to offer terrorism coverage beginning January 1. Without a federal backstop, insurers may seek to limit underwriting […]