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Rules of business: T’d up again!

Last week’s article, ‘Violating one of the cardinal rules of business!‘, discussed how in business there are certain topics that are basically supposed to be off-limits and how sometimes that rule needs to be ignored! These topics to be avoided typically include religion, world events and politics but, in that article, this basic tenet  was […]

Violating one of the cardinal rules of business!

Article originally appeared at LinkedIn here. In this case the cardinal rule in question states that expressing an opinion about politics or world events can be bad for your business! So why, if I know it is a violation of the rules, am I about to do it? The answer is that at times, times […]

US economic data: Week of July 14, 2014


US Economic Calendar for the Week of July 14, 2014 The economic calendar in this article provides the days and times for this weeks key releases containing data that will potentially impact the direction interest rates may move in the short and intermediate-term. In addition this economic data will provide investors and businesses both anecdotal evidence about the future direction […]