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Commentary: Are You Keeping Your Business A Secret?

online marketing

Regardless of what your company does, no one will know unless they can find you! This article is not an advertisement for a website building company or an online marketing firm but, it is an observation of a basic yet critical marketing tool that some companies seem to have missed! Your Online Business Card! Are you […]

Does A Correlation Exist Between Real Estate Prices And Technology Stock Prices?

investing,technology stocks

The health of real estate remains a constant focus and question for both economists and market participants! So that said, and in the never-ending search for real estate green shoots (particularly by market participants), can we perhaps consider that a correlation between real estate and big technology stocks exists and that the performance of the latter will […]

Google Algorithm Update: Find Out If Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly!

Tomorrow a change in the Google algorithm will effectively penalize websites not deemed ‘mobile-friendly’! The question therefore is whether your website be helped or hurt in the rankings as a result? You can find out now by taking the ‘Mobile-Friendly Test’ at the Google Developers website here – Mobile-Friendly Test If your website is up to Google’s […]