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Real Life Homeowner: To Fix Or Not To Fix? (Video)

Now that it’s Spring you’re likely looking around your house and are amazed by the number of things that need to be fixed! Now for the big question: Do you jump in and fix them or not? Therein lies the quandary! If you’re like me, finding a long list of items that could definitely use some […]

Real estate marketing 101: Two products and one demographic

What epitomizes marketing better than two luxury product brands, one selling cars and the other real estate with an identical target demographic, joining forces? The irony here is that I have actually tried to bring one of these companies on as a client of my firm but, because they have a close relationship with a […]

Spring has sprung so it’s time for the garden! (DIY Video)

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Follow @Hallmark Abstract Service With Spring arriving yesterday, homeowners minds will begin to turn outdoors which means that landscaping and planting gardens won’t be very far behind! Now the fact is that some of us have a green thumb and some of us don’t! For some merely dropping seeds on the ground results in a […]