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Critical Real Estate, Law Practice And Financial Markets Links!

interest rates and stocks

With interest rates at historic lows and the stock market at record highs the articles below contain critical information! The Business of Law: ‘Keep Growing: What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There‘ ‘Hamptons Mansion Buyers Have More Choices With Sales Sliding‘ ‘Emerging market debt triples since 2005, posing threat, Moody’s says‘ ‘Corporate debt seen […]

Groundbreaking: Hudson Yards, NYC Construction Project Is Underway!

Hudson Yards New York City

Real estate prices in New York City are high, new construction is plentiful and the massive Hudson Yards residential project on the westside of Manhattan is now officially underway promising even more availability of inventory for the discriminating buyer! For those not living in the New York City area and who may be unfamiliar with […]

Title Insurance 101 For Consumers!

Title Insurance And YOUR New Residential or Commercial Property? Notice how the word YOUR is capitalized? That’s because the title insurance you buy makes certain that this is so! That said, for some the title insurance that they purchase for their new property is merely one more check that they have to write at  the closing table […]

Long Island Commercial Real Estate Expo

Long Island commercial real estate

Hallmark Abstract Service will be exhibiting at the Long Island Commercial Real Estate Expo being held March 12, 2013 at the Huntington Hilton! Save The Date! If you are an attorney, real estate related company or a building owner/investor and your business in any way revolves around the commercial real estate industry on Long Island, this […]

Commercial real estate financing: Saving money on the process!

commercial property,commercial mortgage,Hallmark Abstract Service,title insurance New York

(Article scheduled to appear in Long Island Business News) Financing commercial real estate isn’t as easy as it used to be! If you’re thinking about buying commercial real estate the process, never an easy one, is that much more difficult post-real estate crisis. Assuming that you are able to locate a property and then negotiate […]

Commercial mortgage recording tax refund in New York State!

title insurance,commercial mortgage tax refund,New York State

Commercial mortgage recording tax refund in New York State! I was meeting with a CPA on Friday who described a program in New York State that exists but that is not well advertised by the state for obvious reasons. It applies only to commercial mortgages but the bottom line is that it provides for a mortgage recording tax refund […]