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10 Critical Lessons for Managers and Business Owners! (Famous Quotes)

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No matter the sector of the business world (or really any world) that you happen to call home, these quotes are extremely relevant! I say this because they involve the concepts of leadership, motivation, managing relationships and strategic planning. And, whether it’s the field of law, real estate, mortgage, retail, running a funeral home or truly anything […]

Body language and business! (Infographic)

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Our body language impacts the way that other perceive us, particularly during those precious few seconds when we are making our one, our only and our lasting first impression! Whether in social or business situations the way that we stand, speak and listen will convey quite a bit of information to the person or group […]

9 Tips for Better Business Communication!

When networking for our business there’s nothing more important than communicating our message well! Of course what we have to say is also critical, but if the listner isn’t listening then the content really doesn’t matter. 9 Tips for Achieving Better Business Communication! 1. Show appreciation for your counterparts time Prior to getting into the […]