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Interesting Divergence Post-Brexit Between Stocks And Treasury Bond Price Action!

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Summary: Brexit: Stocks going up while treasury yields are going down? Intuitively it’s not necessarily supposed to be that way! The price action comparison between the stock market and the 10-year U.S. treasury yield since the Friday following the Brexit victory offers an interesting contrast and potential warning sign for investors! Stocks Since the huge move […]

Is The Treasury Market Sending An Ominous Message?

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For anyone who’s involved in an industry sensitive to the level of interest rates, any move up in yields can spell a major problem for business! Of course the mortgage industry comes immediately to mind and, by extension, real estate and by even further extension title insurance, etc. But what about peoples retirement funds, college […]

What does a 2.35% 10-year Treasury note yield mean to you?

For those who may not follow the government bond market, 2.35% is the current yield of the 10-year Treasury note! That said, the 52-week low yield for this benchmark security is a mere 4 basis points away at 2.31%. So why, given the fact that the powers that be are trumpeting a stronger and improving […]