Closing A New York State Real Estate Transaction in the Age of Coronavirus!

By | March 17, 2020

Today, and rightfully so, parties to a New York real estate transaction are loath to sit in close proximity to each other regardless of the degree of social distancing being used!

In certain instances they may also be unavailable for a sit-down as they are quarantining themselves voluntarily or, because they feel ill, have been exposed to the virus and are mandatorily quarantining.

Coronavirus makes arranging and holding an in-person real estate closing, somewhat difficult at best.

Further compounding the issue of an absentee closing in New York State is the fact that ‘remote’ notarization, or allowing ‘documents to be signed and notarized digitally and without the requirement of being in the same room, building, state, or in some cases the same country’ (source), is not allowed.

As Hallmark Abstract Service continues its efforts to serve the needs of our clients both ethically and legally, we are working closely with our primary underwriter Fidelity National Title Group to determine how best business can continue to get done.

Stay tuned for important updates as they become available!

If you have any thoughts or questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Mike Haltman, CEO
Hallmark Abstract Service
(646) 741-6101

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