Breaking News About Combat Veterans And Death By Suicide!

By | November 6, 2019

Spirituality and faith at the Western Wall

As readers of the Hallmark Abstract Service blog know, the firms CEO Mike Haltman serves as Board Chair for the nondenominational combat veterans 501(c)(3) Heroes To Heroes Foundation!

The firm has thrown its support behind this charity based on the tragic statistic that 20 Veterans, Each And Every Day, Die By Suicide!

But in addition, our dedication to the cause is also based on the unique way that Heroes To Heroes is successfully working to reverse this statistic…

Through spirituality and a reconnection of these American heroes to their faith!

This is a brief summary of the organization, with the critically important Breaking News directly below it.

Heroes To Heroes Foundation Overview

Mission: To provide spiritual healing and peer support for Combat Veterans of all conflicts and all faiths who have attempted suicide or are on a path to self-destruction due to moral injury.

Vision: To have the United States be a place where our Veterans can truly come home.

Impact: Over 300 Veterans have participated in the Heroes to Heroes program. 20+ marriages have been saved. Dozens of lives have been saved. Over 300 lives have changed for the better.

Heroes To Heroes Foundation is a nondenominational 501(c)(3) that successfully helps combat veterans (men and women) from all wars who suffer with moral injury, and who have attempted suicide or are on a path towards self-destruction, heal. Journeys to Israel are a key component to the organizations phenomenal results!

The Heroes To Heroes Foundation program is based in spirituality, helping these American heroes reconnect with the faith they have lost due to the horrors of war they have experienced. It is loss of faith that is a critical factor for a great many who attempt suicide.

Heroes To Heroes Foundation Breaking News

1) Long-term study being conducted for a validation of the efficacy of the Heroes To Heroes program:

A team at the University of South Alabama, led by Dr. Joseph Currier, a psychologist with ‘special expertise in moral injury and spiritually integrated care’, has initiated a long-term study (begun in August 2019) that will evaluate the effects of the Heroes To Heroes mission on the combat veterans who participate.

To date the statistics are proving to be quite positive!

A copy of the October 2019 Report of Preliminary Results can be obtained by sending and email to Mike Haltman at

2) Heroes To Heroes and the Veterans Administration: Heroes To Heroes has formed a ‘partnership’ with the Veterans Administration Chaplain Corps where, beginning in 2020, a chaplain will be accompanying each Journey in place of one of our coaches.

In addition to the positive impact that these chaplains will have, particularly during each evenings discussion sessions, this affiliation with the VA represents a significant departure from the federal government stance of avoiding faith-based organizations.

With that in mind, it is a strong indication of the positive impact on moral injury and suicide prevention that they view our 501(c)(3) has had, and will continue to have into the future!

If anyone is interested about learning more about the Heroes To Heroes Foundation, or of how you or your business can become involved with us, please send an email to Mike Haltman at


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