Is the Honeymoon with Your Title Insurance Provider Over?

Is Your Title Insurance Firm Making You Happy? If Not, Why Not Think About Trying One That Will!

Introducing, Hallmark Abstract Service!

Of course you currently have relationships with title insurance providers, but has the honeymoon ended?

And while you may feel that because the process isn’t particularly broken, why look to fix it, these are some great reasons to consider giving Hallmark Abstract Service a try…

At Hallmark Abstract Service, Our Laser Focus Is On YOU, YOUR Client And The Ultimate Success Of The Real Estate Transaction!

Hallmark Abstract is all about making sure that we protect a buyer’s interests, while at the same time doing all that is in our power to ease the work burden on their attorney.

Some key points for the buyers attorney:

  1. You will have one point-of-contact at Hallmark Abstract throughout the deal who is knowledgeable about every aspect of the transaction,
  2. High level of responsiveness concerning issues and questions that may arise throughout the transaction, and potentially after,
  3. Proactive problem solving, if and when any issues arise,
  4. Work to take as many issues as possible requiring attention, off of the attorney’s plate. We view this as our responsibility, freeing the attorney up to work on other aspects of the deal or on other deals,
  5. Making clients aware of the points below can help an attorney in the area of business development, potentially generating introductions to new clients,

           a. Hallmark Abstract Service title policies are underwritten by companies who possess the greatest financial strength metrics,

           b. Hallmark Abstract Service possesses a stellar record, having no valid title claims over the 10-years we’ve been in business,

           c. The ancillary and ‘junk’ fees charged by Hallmark Abstract Service are among the lowest in the industry! Your clients can save as much as $500 – $1,000, a fact that will inspire referrals to people they know looking for an attorney.

       6. As long as the client is fully protected, we view our role as deal facilitators,

       7. Always a timely recording of documents, post-closing,

       8. Strive to make introductions to people with whom the attorney and their practice have good potential synergies.

I would love the opportunity to stop by or speak to you by telephone at your convenience to introduce myself, learn more about your practice along with any ways we would be in a position to help when the need arises.

Please let me know if you’d be open to either a brief introductory call or for me to stop by your office for a quick chat.

Mike Haltman, CEO
(646) 741-6101

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