What’s a Win-Win Proposition? When Military Combat Veterans At-Risk for Suicide Win, and When your Business Wins Too!

By | March 27, 2019

Is your business interested in supporting a military combat veterans charity with a mission of suicide prevention?

The nondenominational Heroes To Heroes Foundation could be your perfect option, because that’s what we do with incredible success!

Learn more about the organization below, and consider sponsoring the Heroes To Heroes Foundation July 15th Charity Golf Outing, at the Old Oaks Country Club in Purchase, New York (2019 Golf Classic)!

Your company’s sponsorship of the 9th Annual Heroes To Heroes Foundation Charity Golf Outing will go directly towards saving combat veterans who are suffering with moral injury and at-risk for suicide, through a program based in spirituality!

As you may or may not be aware, the incredibly tragic statistic is that 20 veterans take their own lives, each and every day?

At the same time, your company’s sponsorship of a great and important charity will put you in front of an extremely desirable demographic for an extended period of time.

Your business will, based on prior years, receive an excellent ROI while at the same time receiving the greatest ROI of all…Saving a Life!

This is a brief overview of the organization and its mission that serves suffering veterans, who gave so much as they sacrificed and served our country…

Heroes To Heroes Foundation

Combat Veterans-Suicide Prevention-Mental Health-Spirituality-Faith-Israel

Israel Western Wall

The nondenominational Heroes To Heroes Foundation successfully helps combat veterans (men and women) from all wars who suffer with moral injury, and who have attempted suicide or are on a path towards self-destruction.

Spirituality-based journeys to the birthplace of so many of the worlds religions, Israel, are a key component to the organizations phenomenal results!

Our Team 23 is on the ground now, and all of the veterans who have come through the program are with us in various stages of healing!

The Heroes To Heroes program helps these American heroes reconnect with the faith they have lost due to the horrors of war they have experienced and, it is loss of faith that is a critical factor for a great many who attempt suicide.

In 2018 we raised approximately $1MM and plan for an even bigger 2019. While we are smaller than many other military-based charities, our mission is very large, our expenses low and donations of any amount can really move the needle in a significant way as we work to achieve our mission!

Benefits for A Sponsoring Company

For a company, its tax deductible sponsorship contribution will enable the support of a military veteran charity with a mission likely important to many if not all of its employees.

At the same time, the sponsorship will provide multiple venues for its brand to be exposed and promoted. The day of the event they will be in front of a group that will include business owners and C-Suite executives from a variety of fields including real estate, Wall Street, law, accounting and more.

The cost to send and support each member of a 12-14 veteran Team to Israel and beyond is approximately $10,000, clearly indicating just how critical the support of each sponsor is.

A description of the sponsorships can be found at the Heroes To Heroes Foundation website, and depending on the sponsorship level, these are some of the benefits that a sponsor of this golf outing can expect:

Potential Sponsor Benefits

  • Reference in all promotional materials and a clickable logo on the Registration page
  • Opportunity to include branded item in player gift bags
  • Up to Two (2) tee box signs
  • Sponsor recognition the day of the event
  • Additional dinner guests
  • Up to Two (2) golfers


We expect to have 140 golfers at the Old Oaks Country Club on July 15th for the Heroes To Heroes Foundation outing, another 30 or so for dinner and in addition a much larger number will visit the websites Registration and Sponsorship page.

If you have any questions please reach out to Hallmark Abstract Service President Mike Haltman who also serves as the Heroes To Heroes Foundation Board Chair, at mhaltman@hallmarkabstractllc.com or (646) 741-6101.

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