Your Business Can Help Move The Philanthropic Needle In A BIG Way, Joining Forces With A Military Veteran 501(c)(3) That Literally Saves Lives!

By | November 29, 2018

The Heroes To Heroes Foundation

Because 22 Veterans A Day Commit Suicide!

Over 200 veterans at-risk for suicide, suffering with moral injury, are once again living their lives and in various stages of healing! This, after participating with the nondenominational Heroes To Heroes Foundation and it’s lifesaving mission that’s based on spirituality!

HTH successfully helps these American heroes reconnect with the faith they had lost due to the horrors of war they have experienced, sending groups of 12-14 at a time on journeys to Israel!

And, with a current annual budget of about $1.3MM, individuals, businesses, and foundations who partner with us, can actually move the needle as we pursue our critical mission!

Please read the bullet points below that describe the critical mission of Heroes To Heroes Foundation!
Then, if you would like to learn more about how you or your company can get involved, please contact Hallmark Abstract Service CEO Michael Haltman, who has the honor of serving as the organization’s Board Chair, at or (646) 741-6101!

Heroes To Heroes Foundation, a non-denominational 501(c)(3), successfully helps combat veterans (men and women) from all wars, suffering from moral injury, who have attempted suicide or are on a path towards self-destruction, heal!

The program, based on spirituality, helps these American heroes reconnect with the faith they have lost due to the horrors of war they have experienced. Loss of faith is a critical factor for a great many who attempt suicide.

HTH achieves our phenomenal results by sending groups of 12-14 veterans to Israel. There they visit the holiest sites of all major religions and travel with 3 IDF soldiers who fully understand depression and moral injury.

At some point during the journey this reconnection with faith will typically be achieved and, as a result, all of the 200+ veterans who have come through our program are with us and in various stages of healing.

Billy’s Story

Israel Western Wall

Billy didn’t leave his home for five years. What he saw and was forced to do while serving in Iraq made him hate himself, everything, and everyone around him. Billy needed to forgive. He needed to be forgiven. Billy found forgiveness at The Western Wall during his journey with Heroes to Heroes. Your support has already made a difference. The veterans on our waiting list of over 400 and their families are counting on us. Heroes to Heroes is the last resort for many. Please continue to help….

Heroes to Heroes continues to accomplish so much with your support:

  • Close to 250 veterans have taken our lifesaving journeys to Israel
  • Dozens of marriages were saved, hundreds of children have both parents in their homes
  • Scores of lives were saved
  • 244 veterans have made the commitment to continue to ‘be’
  • Heroes to Heroes alumni have spoken on over 75 campuses across the country to tell their stories and explain how Israel’s saved/had an impact on their lives
  • Heroes to Heroes’ spouses bond as they take part in our spousal retreats
  • Alumni stay active through reunions and regional team support programs

Your support will increase our impact in 2019 as we:

  • Send 8 Teams of 12 on our life-saving journey to Israel (96 veterans)
  • Increase our campus program to 100+ campuses across the United States
  • Run 8 spouses’ programs to create even better outcomes for our participants
  • Hold 6 regional reunions to increase peer support

How can you help?

  • Join a regional Heroes to Heroes committee to have a direct impact on our veterans
  • Sponsor a Veteran – directly save a life
  • Sponsor an Israeli Veteran – help IDF veterans have better outcomes
  • Set up speaking engagements for Heroes to Heroes’ representatives at your church, synagogue, or organization
    Donate today!

Please go to and donate today! Please be our partner in saving lives.

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