Real Estate, Title Insurance And A Reduced Stress Journey!

By | November 20, 2018

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A commercial or residential real estate attorney in New York focused on transactional work, understands the pressure of bringing a deal from contract signing to the exchanging of keys at the closing table!

This process of getting from Point A to the finish line can be fraught with obstacles and stumbling blocks, any one of which having the potential to be a deal killer.

And while this winding journey towards deal consummation moves along, there are numerous aspects of the deal that need to be addressed and handled. The title insurance piece is certainly key among them.

Peace Of Mind, Relative Calm And Maintaining Heart Health!

At Hallmark Abstract Service we recognize that every deal is precious and, if we happen to be in a slowing real estate market, that fact will be magnified.

But while the pressures felt on the legal side of the transaction are great, to some extent that pressure can and should be reduced through the transaction partners that you choose.

Understanding that fact, Hallmark Abstract Service does all we can to ensure that the title insurance portion of the real estate transaction is being managed and handled so that the attorney can focus on other things.

Other things for an attorney may include other aspects of the current deal, another deal being worked on or, maybe business development activities!

Remember That Title Insurance, And Title Insurance Providers, Are Not All The Same!

Briefly, these are just some of the things that Hallmark Abstract Service brings to the table, and we would love the opportunity to have a conversation to determine if our firm is a fit with your firm!

  • Everyone Of Your Deals Is Precious! And given the time when Hallmark Abstract opened its doors in 2008, we completely understand that fact! At that time the financial crisis had hammered the real estate market, and the economy was suffering in an extreme way. In order for Hallmark Abstract to build a trusting relationship with a client, we needed to be perfect in every way! Not one time, but each and every time we were entrusted with a deal!We have never forgotten this commitment to excellence, and continue to operate our business in that same way today. This the case, whether a client has been with us since the beginning or we are working on our first deal together! It is the only way that we know how to do things.
  • Extremely Low Fees Help You Provide Even More Value-Added For Your Clients! Beyond the legal expertise that you are bringing to the table of course. As a transactional real estate attorney, where referrals from current clients are key to future business and where your client’s expenses seem endless, imagine telling them that you are focused on saving them many hundreds of dollars while still providing them with the highest degree of protection! At Hallmark Abstract we charge among the lowest ‘junk’ and ancillary fees in the industry and pass the savings along to your clients. If a survey is required, we bill the buyer exactly what the surveyor charges us.
  • Single Point Of Contact At Hallmark Abstract Service! When you call our firm you will have a single point of contact who will know every aspect of your deal. Some firms call it service, we call it business as usual.
  • An Unblemished Claims Record! In the 10-years that this firm has been in business, Hallmark Abstract has not faced any valid title claims, a remarkable record! This fact will provide your clients with the utmost of confidence that they are being protected by all involved with their transaction. After all this protection, whether for a residential or commercial transaction, could be for the single greatest financial transaction your client may ever be involved in!
  • A Tuxedo With A Belt And Suspenders! While clients will be protected by the expertise that Hallmark Abstract brings to the table, the title insurance policy they receive will be from some of the largest and best-capitalized underwriters in the industry!

If you have any questions or might like to speak, please contact Hallmark Abstract Service CEO Michael Haltman at or by phone at (646) 741-6101.

A very Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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