Homebuying Tips And Overcoming Stress!

By | November 6, 2018

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Or, at the very least, trying to minimize the stress as much as possible!

For anyone who has bought or sold a home, attempted to buy or sell a home or maybe just thought about doing one or the other or both, in many ways the process can be overwhelming on both an emotional as well as practical level. After all, neither one is an activity that most of us do very often.

Fortunately, the article below that was written by Natalie Jones from the website HomeownerBliss.info, addresses some of the issues from the perspective of a couple who went through the process and want others to learn from their experience.

Save Yourself a Few Headaches When Moving to a New Place

Overwhelming. That’s the word to describe selling your property, buying a new one and relocating to a different locale all in a matter of months. There’s a lot of money involved in the process, but also many emotions. After all, that old house is full of memories, and it’s not easy to let go of something that meant so much.

Whatever sadness you feel should be offset by the promise of a new life elsewhere. This is going to be an adventure. You’re going to meet new people while exploring new places, creating the home of your dreams and filling it with love. Best yet, it need not be too complicated with some careful planning and a can-do attitude. Here are some suggestions to move forward.

Start Planning Early

Just finding the right house could take a few months, and that’s followed by another month for mortgage approval and two more for transfer of ownership. This is going to take a while, so get started well in advance of the big day when you hope to be settled into your new piece of paradise. Half a year wouldn’t be too much at all.

Narrow Down the Search

That means choosing the right neighborhood, which is never easy, as there are many factors to consider. Ask yourself what you really want, recommends a writer with the Spruce. Are you looking for peace and quiet, or things to do? How about trees and parks? Don’t forget the crime rate, either, or the school district if you have kids.

Choose the Right Home

You’ll need enough space for your whole family; that goes without saying. However, it also has to meet your personal tastes and have an emotional impact. First off, you should feel drawn inside, says a contributor to the Balance, then filled with warmth and comfort as you begin looking around. A sense of possessiveness is also a good sign.

Purge Old Belongings

You can, and should, begin this arduous task long before you’ve signed on the dotted line for the new property. Sorting through your old possessions takes time as you decide whether you really need or love each object, which is the basis for the touted KonMari Method of decluttering. Anything that doesn’t make the cut can be sold at a garage sale to make money for the move.

Pack Everything Properly

Before you even begin, make a list of things of valuables and things you’ll need during the move, such as jewelry, documents, wallets, phone charges and overnight items. Those go with you, not in the truck. As for the rest, be sure to place it in labeled boxes so you know where the contents will go in your new home. That’ll make unpacking much easier.

Change Your Address

Do this soon after you arrive to make sure your mail gets delivered, and more. The United States Postal Service is just the first place you need to alert when changing your residence, and Redfin has a list of all the rest. It includes your bank, credit card companies and insurer, among many, many others.

Locate Safety Features

This seems like a minor thing, but you’ll sleep better knowing that your family and property are out of harm’s way. Locate and test all of the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors before moving on to the water and gas shutoff valves. Also, a change of door and window locks comes highly recommended.

Redecorate in Your Style

Safety taken care of, you can turn your eye to style. This is a great opportunity to do things with your home that you’ve always wanted, and that could be anything from painting rooms in your favorite color to creating an art space for the kids. Don’t rush out to buy anything new, as this would likely be an impulse that just wastes money. Take your time and consider the options.

It won’t be long until you become a part of the neighborhood. As the time goes by, you’ll feel cozier there than you did at your old place.

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Natalie tries to help others learn from her personal experiences in applying for a mortgage, pulling together the funds for a down payment, and finding a home within their set budget. That’s how her site homeownerbliss.info was born.


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