What’s Going On In The Minds Of Homebuyers? (Survey)

By | September 4, 2018

homebuyer sentiment survey

Is it a buyers market or sellers real estate market? Have mortgage rates topped out or will they be going higher in the future? The economy is moving full steam ahead or will it slow down in the near future?

These questions and more swirl around the real estate market, entering the minds of potential homebuyers and home sellers and impacting the level of home prices.

As we approach the fourth quarter of 2018 it is anyone’s guess as to where the real estate market will end the year and the surprises we may find in 2019.

From the latest Homebuyer Survey conducted by the website ValueInsured, these are some of the findings…

  • 54% believe rising mortgage rates would eventually stunt the housing market and trigger lower home value in their neighborhood
  • 33% believe new tax laws that could decrease potential tax credits for homeowners and make homeownership more expensive would trigger lower prices
  • 16% believe a home price correction in their neighborhood will follow the next stock market correction
  • 11% believe intensifying trade wars will be the catalyst that erode their local home value

Read the entire article at ValueInsured here.

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