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By | March 22, 2018

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Remember, although it’s hard to believe, there is more to the world of business, management and leadership than the specific and narrow niche of New York title insurance that HAS operates in!

And because that’s the case, these are a variety of article from across the internet that readers of this blog may find interesting and hopefully useful…

CalPERS retirees are suddenly worried about their pensions. What happened?‘ – Retirement Benefits for Life? Retirees don’t necessarily believe that’s the case anymore and, does CalPERS serve as a proxy for the rest of the nations public pension systems? ‘…80 percent of pensioners felt their retirement money was “safe.” Only 65 percent of current employees expressed similar confidence…’ 

As Brooklyn Towers Soar, a Sinking Feeling for Developers‘ – Timing is everything! ‘…Uncertainty hangs over the roughly 28,400 rental units expected to be built in Brooklyn over the next several years — about a thousand more than all the units built in the past decade, according to Nancy Packes Data Services, a real estate consultancy. Faced with falling prices, developers are offering concessions like a month or more of free rent, discounted broker fees and even free parking for a record share of apartments. While there is still high demand for housing in the borough, New York’s most populous, a rising vacancy rate for the most expensive units undercuts the tremendous growth seen over the past decade….’

Big Four no more? Fidelity is buying rival Stewart for $1.2B‘ – Consolidation in the title insurance underwriter arena! ‘…If approved, Fidelity will emerge as the nation’s largest title company several times over. Before the merger, it reported $7.2 billion in revenue and controlled 33 percent of the national market, according to industry estimates…’

Success and Your Personal Leadership‘ – ‘If you look to see the differences between people who are succeeding and those who are struggling, you will notice that those who are succeeding have a strong sense of personal leadership. Those who are more successful lead themselves…’ Learn how here!

How High is Too High for Mortgage Rates?‘ – Question: ‘…Considering this historical context – is the housing market today as sensitive to mortgage rate increases as it was 40 years ago? How would a significant increase in the 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage rate impact the housing market today…

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