Are You An Activist Focused On The Real Estate Industry In New York? Specifically, Nassau County…

By | October 6, 2017
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If not, should you be?

The term activist when describing an individual, or activism when describing a group of activists focused on a specific issue, conjures up a variety of mental images!

And of course the intensity and ferocity of the images will typically vary depending on the scope of the issue and the emotions that surround it!

Given the senseless tragedy of the recent carnage in Las Vegas, activist thoughts may move towards the subject of guns and the 2nd Amendment with opinions and emotions running high on all sides of the issue.

But, for the purposes of this article, the question of activism has to do with proposals at a local governmental level that have the potential to disrupt the real estate industry, specifically in Nassau County, Long Island.

Unfortunately, however, local and what some may consider mundane politically-centered fiscal issues tend not to gain a great deal of traction with the public or sadly even with the people and industries it will directly affect!

Proposal Announced By Nassau County, New York For An Exorbitant Increase In Certain Real Estate Fees To Avoid The Raising Of Taxes!


As a title insurance provider our primary function and focus is to ensure that our clients have good, clean and clear title to the residential or commercial property that they are either purchasing or one that they already own and that is encumbered by a mortgage that they are refinancing (or one unencumbered on which a new mortgage is being placed).

A secondary and still critical function however, is to make sure that the ancillary, non-title insurance premium fees that we charge clients are reasonable and fair. And that’s exactly what we do!

But, what happens when a situation outside of our control arises that will saddle our clients with egregious fees it appears will be raised in order to plug a budget deficit squarely on the backs of the real estate industry? All in order to avoid the prospect of raising taxes.

What happens? We get involved! So what can you do to get involved? It’s simple!

Read the article below that explains the Nassau County proposal for fee increases and note the contact information for Nassau County legislators you can contact to express your unhappiness concerning them.

Nassau County, New York Is At It Again! New Fee Proposal On The Table To Gouge The Real Estate Industry…Or,

If you have any questions please contact Hallmark Abstract Service President Michael Haltman at or at (516) 741-4723.


How well is your Non-Public Information, or NPI, being protected by your title insurance provider?

And, before you purchase a title insurance policy, do you know the answers to these three basic questions?

  • Who is your underwriter?
  • What is the claims experience of your title insurance provider?
  • Do you know whether the non-title insurance premium fees you are paying are fair and reasonable?
If you answered NO to any of these questions, please read…

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