Nassau County, New York Is At It Again! New Fee Proposal On The Table To Gouge The Real Estate Industry, or…

By | September 22, 2017

When is a governmental ‘fee’ nothing more than a regressive tax in disguise? Put another way, how can politicians pull a Flim Flam Florio to raise money while hoping that no one notices?

And, remember that these fees are the same whether one is buying a $200,000 property or one costing $10,000,000 or more. You do the math!

Are Our Politicians Simply Nuzzling At The Taxpayer Teat Until There’s Nothing Left To Take?

January 2015 Nassau County creates the Tax Map Verification Letter verifying Section, Block and Lot for $75. These letters must accompany all documents presented for recording.

Not one letter per file of course, but a separate $75 letter for all deeds, mortgages, satisfactions, assignments, consolidations, or any modification of the foregoing.

Egregious money grab, right? Wait, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

September 2015 and for the 2nd time ‘…Nassau is proposing to significantly raise fees, including for mortgage recording (which would double, to $300) and tax map verification (which would triple, to $225).‘

Big increase which could only mean one thing…the powers that be got a taste of the low hanging fruit and would likely be back for more!

On schedule and as of January 1, 2017, the fee for a Tax Map Verification Letter jumped to $355

Now it’s to be proposed on Monday September 25, 2017 that the Tax Map Verification Letter fee and land recording fee be raised by $100, bringing each to $455 and $400 respectively!

Have a problem with this? As a mortgage broker, real estate agent, real estate lawyer or even a lowly title company do you feel that this is unfair piling-on by politicians looking for a place that’s not called raising taxes to bring-in much needed money?

A place that’s much more convenient than the alternative of cutting waste and unnecessary spending?

If that’s the case, you’re disgusted and want to get involved, here’s contact information for Nassau County legislators that you may want to use:

Norma Gonsalves Presiding Officer 516 -571-6213
Richard Nicolello Deputy 516-571-6209
Howard Kopel Alternate Deputy 516 -571-6207
Kevan Abrahams Minority Leader 516-571-6201

Article was written by Hallmark Abstract Service President and Heroes To Heroes Foundation Board Chair Michael Haltman.

If you have any thoughts or questions for Michael he can be reached at or (646) 741-6101.

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  5. Andy Zaltman

    The United States Department Of Justice I believed sued Suffolk County for similar reasons.They need to attack Nassau County


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