Heroes To Heroes Foundation Video Premier: Combat Veterans Pain, Suffering And Healing!

Heroes To Heroes Foundations and spiritual journey's to Israel

Combat veterans come back from the fight, some with visible injuries and still a multitude of others suffering from injuries unseen by the naked eye!

And shockingly, veteran suicide is occurring at the rate of at least 20 a day!

Heroes To Heroes Foundation, through a spiritual healing and peer support program, helps veterans suffering with PTSD, moral injury and TBI begin the process of healing!

The veterans that come through the Heroes To Heroes program have either attempted suicide or have family who fear that such an attempt may be imminent.

None of the veterans who have come through the program have taken their lives and in fact the vast majority are beginning the process of living them.

The scope of this problem afflicting our nations heroes as well as the methodology utilized by Heroes To Heroes to help them can be somewhat difficult to articulate in words, so the following video will hopefully do so in a clear and concise way.

If after watching the video you might have an interest in learning about ways you can potentially work with the Heroes To Heroes Foundation, simply leave your thoughts and contact information in the comments section below.

Mike Haltman
Board Chair, Heroes To Heroes Foundation

The Heroes To Heroes Foundation Mission Video

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