Steps To Protect Your LinkedIn Account Information!

By | January 8, 2017

protecting linkedin data

If you’ve spent time building your LinkedIn profile and status on the network, Beth Granger of Beth Granger Consulting recommends you take the following steps immediately to protect your information!

LinkedIn is updating the desktop interface. It will look and function a bit more like the mobile version in many ways. We may be losing some of the functions we are used to using, or there will be significant changes.

With that in mind, please do these things today: 

1. From the desktop version, request a download of your data here:

You will receive an email with a link to download information such as messages, connections, and contacts. Then within about 24 hours you will get another email allowing you to download your full archive.

2. Just in case, copy your recommendations from LinkedIn into a Word file. As I said, just in case.

3. Save your profile as a PDF in this way: 

– Go to your page

– Click the blue button that says: View profile As

– Save and/or print a PDF

4. It is possible saved searches will be going away in the way that you know them now, but you may be able to get there from the direct URL:

– Go to your saved search

– Click on the name of the search to see the result page

– Copy the full URL of that page and save it as text in a Word file

Information courtesy of Beth Granger Consulting.

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