Carnegie Deli Closing! Are New York’s Jewish Delis An Endangered Species?

By | December 22, 2016

In late-2013 when the Roslyn, Long Island staple Andel’s closed its doors, the event provided the inspiration for the article, ‘The Jewish deli: The end of an era on Long Island?‘!

‘The Jewish delicatessen, once a staple on Long Island, is slowly disappearing from view!

Growing up on Long Island there was nothing like a trip with my parents to the local kosher deli for a hot pastrami on rye with spicy mustard. It was as we say a taste sensation that would only get to be experienced once in a while…

January 1, 2017 the Carnegie Deli in New York City will cease to exist!

December 31, 2016 will represent the last opportunity for native New Yorkers and tourists from around the world to enjoy the 79-year old Jewish deli’s signature pastrami, corned beef and matzo ball soup to name just three favorites on the menu.

And while the food at this Manhattan landmark was one thing, the names of the overstuffed sandwiches along with the iconic photos of celebrities long gone were also strong draws as well.

The reason for Carnegie Deli shutting down is unlike the one that has taken down so many other commercial tenants in New York…the skyrocketing and unaffordable rents.

Instead, as 65-year old Carnegie Deli owner Marian Harper Levine told employees, ‘“At this stage of my life, the early mornings to late nights have taken a toll, along with my sleepless nights and grueling hours that come with operating a restaurant business.” (Note: Levine owns the building that houses the Carnegie Deli)

Currently there are about 40 traditional Jewish delis in and around NYC with the Top 20 as ranked by Eater presented in the map below. However, as of the end-of-business on December 31, 2016, it’s the Top 19 as you can scratch #6 off of the map!

map of Jewish delis in New York

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