If You’re In Business How Will You Choose Your Candidate For President?

By | September 21, 2016

On Tuesday, November 8, 2016 Americans will be called upon to cast a vote for the new POTUS along with a slew of Congressmen and Senators!

For many Americans the choice, particularly for the new occupant of the White House, may be a difficult one.

That said, this article is not meant to advocate for one candidate over another.

But, the simple fact-of-the-matter is that most who will read this article are businesspeople concerned with the health of the economy, the affordability of healthcare and national security.

These three issues among others will help to dictate our business, personal and family well-being as we move forward.

And with a relatively few number of days remaining until the election, voters will (hopefully) be doing their research of the candidates to determine which are most aligned with their personal concerns and which are laying out viable-sounding solutions.

This article provides links below that will in some way hopefully help to more clearly frame these issues.

These articles from a wide variety of news sources from different sides of the political spectrum may help in some way to clarify things. Any suggestions for other articles to share would be welcome.

The Issues: Economy, Healthcare, National Security, Personal Finance

Sino-Russian naval exercises conclude with ‘island seizing’ operation (IHS Jane’s 360)

Retirement Crisis Looms As Average U.S. Household Has Saved $2,500 For Retirement (Zero Hedge)

The Invisible American (Gallup/Middle Class)

10 Reasons Why Janet Yellen Won’t Raise Rates (Seeking Alpha)

Obamacare is a failing insurance product (Times-Union Editorial)

U.S. to Boost Number of Refugees it Will Admit in 2017 (NBC News)

Suspect in New York-area bombings had traveled to Afghanistan and Pakistan (LA Times)

How Much Money Does the Average American Have in Their Bank Account? (Money & Career CheatSheet)

Civilian Labor Force Participation Rate (St. Louis Fed Chart)

One Crisis Away: Musician With Two Bachelor’s Degrees Drowns In $38K Of Student Loan Debt (Kera News)

North Korea Says It Has Tested a New Long-Range Rocket Engine (The New York Times)

How Our Regulatory System Broke, And Why We Must Fix It. (US Chamber of Commerce)

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