10 Important Articles Ranging From Real Estate To Mortgages To Stocks To China To College…

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The links below are to articles at news sources that include traditional as well as new media covering issues ranging from China to real estate to a college education!

In reality, however, in one way or another all of these issues are inextricably intertwined.

Disappointing Earnings From A High-end Real Estate Focused Retailer! Is This Anecdotal Evidence Of A Weakening Real Estate Market Or Another Sign of The Death Of Brick And Mortar Retail?: From Yahoo Finance…’Restoration Hardware doubled-down on old-school retail and lost

How Much Of America Does China Actually Own?: From Council on Foreign Relations…’How Many Treasuries Does China Still Own?

Is College For Everyone?: From Money & Career CheatSheet…’3 Types of People Who Should Not Go to College

Are Consumer Finance Storm Clouds On The Horizon?: From DSnews…’Delinquencies Spike Among Amortizing HELOCs

What Might The Effect Of Brexit Be?: From Business Insider…’The Brexit effect on UK property will be more devastating than anyone has predicted

George Soros Makes A Bearish Call On Stocks!: From MarketWatch…’George Soros just made big bearish bets? Everybody panic… and then consider buying

Where Are Buyers Buying?: From MishTalk…’Home Ownership Rates Vary Wildly: What’s Going On?

Homeowners Still Underwater Led With Those In Las Vegas, Miami and Chicago Leading The Way!: From Chicago Tribune…’Chicago among cities with largest share of underwater homeowners, studies show

Is There A Bubble In Manhattan Real Estate That’s Ready To Burst?: From Wolf Street…’This is a Sign Manhattan’s Housing Bubble is Ready to Implode!

Are ‘Liar Loans’ Making A Comeback?: From CNBC…’Bank requires few mortgage documents: Seems like housing deja vu

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