Commentary: Are You Keeping Your Business A Secret?

By | April 18, 2016

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Regardless of what your company does, no one will know unless they can find you!

This article is not an advertisement for a website building company or an online marketing firm but, it is an observation of a basic yet critical marketing tool that some companies seem to have missed!

Your Online Business Card!

Are you a real estate attorney, auto repair shop or maybe a personal trainer?

  1. Is someone in your area trying to find a professional who does what you do?And did they go online, use Google and find a list of potential people to call? If they tried to visit your website to do some cursory vetting did they find one?
  2. Or did you perhaps meet someone at a networking event and give them your business card? Then, when they went back to their office to try and get a better idea of who you are and what the scope of your business is, did they find anything online? A website perhaps? And if they found that there wasn’t anything there did they dismiss you as being small and unprofessional?

Your Online Business Card – A Brief Summary! 

Whether it is a one-page simple website that gives the basics of your practice, store or company or it’s something much larger and more elaborate, you need to have something because in today’s business world an online business card is as important, if not more so, than a paper one is!

Michael Haltman is President of Hallmark Abstract Service in New York. He can be reached at 

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