Presidential Election: What Would Each Candidate Mean For Your Federal Income Tax Liability! (Tax Calculator)

By | March 28, 2016

In addition to many other issues, your choice of candidate in the 2016 presidential election will have an impact on your wealth!

Specifically each of the candidates has their own opinion as it relates to the way in which federal income taxes should be collected and on which income brackets that the greatest tax burden should fall.

The Tax Policy Center, in partnership with Vox, has created a calculator that examines how impactful at various income levels the tax proposals of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton would be.

For example, with income of $100,000 and with 1 child consider…

With income of $300,000 and with 1 child consider…

If you’re curious what the impact each of the presidential candidates tax proposals may be on your after-tax income, visit the Tax Policy Center here.

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