Great Commercials Versus Great Advertising (Videos)

By | February 24, 2016


Regardless of the product that you sell or the sector of the economy you participate in, getting your name ‘out there’ is critical!

Marketing and advertising can take many forms and, depending on the product or service you offer, the challenge can be not only to make people remember your name but to remember what your value proposition is as well.

And, to throw another curveball into an already challenging mix, what if your business is competing against a number of other firms offering like products.

The wrinkle then becomes how you differentiate yourself from the competition!

A case in point concerning differentiation, since I am intimately involved in the process, is the title insurance industry where the premiums in New York don’t vary from firm to firm. That said, many other significant factors involved in a transaction absolutely do!

Effective Advertising Versus An Entertaining Commercial

Personally being what I would consider to be a connoisseur of commercials, I know what I like, what I don’t like and by the same token what I may like or dislike BUT remember.

Effective Advertising: Here’s an example of an extremely effective ad that I have never been a big fan of and yet, surely do remember the company name and what they do…

An Entertaining Commercial: This commercial, even after having watched it over 100 times, always makes me laugh! Unfortunately, I typically don’t remember what company is paying to put it on…

Entertaining With A Message That Sticks: I typically hear these ads on the radio, am entertained by them while at the same time remember who the company is, what the company does and the product that they sell. This is one of their television ads…

The Ultimate Advertising? Being the owner of a firm in the aforementioned title insurance industry, this is our effort to be entertaining and memorable while offering a message that hopefully helps to differentiate us from other firms operating in our niche. If you have an opinion about its effectiveness, let us know…

Michael Haltman is President of Hallmark Abstract Service in New York. He can be reached at

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