The Heroes To Heroes Foundation – Because 20+ Veterans A Day Die By Suicide!

By | January 28, 2016

Heroes To Heroes Foundation: Spirituality and faith at the Western Wall

Heroes To Heroes Foundation News: Because of the efficacy of the Heroes To Heroes program, a team headed by Dr. Joseph Currier at the University of South Alabama is currently conducting both a long term and cross-sectional study of our outcomes. The study will include 100 of our programs graduates studied over a period of 2-years.

The 12th Annual Heroes To Heroes Foundation Golf Outing is being held on July 12, 2022 at the fabulous Sunningdale Country Club just north of New York City.

Hallmark Abstract Service CEO Mike Haltman, who serves as the Heroes To Heroes Foundation Board Chair, has been chosen as the Honoree for this event.

To sponsor, register to play golf, leave a message for Mike in the event Journal, come for drinks/dinner or simply donate any amount you’re comfortable with, visit this link!

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Heroes To Heroes Foundation

Heroes To Heroes Foundation Mission Summary

Mission: A 3-year program to provide spiritual healing and peer support for Combat Veterans of all conflicts and all faiths who have attempted suicide or are on a path to self-destruction due to moral injury.

Vision: To have the United States be a place where our Veterans can truly come home.

Impact: Well over 300 Veterans have participated in the Heroes to Heroes program. 20+ marriages have been saved. Countless relationships with children have been resurrected and over 300 lives have changed for the better.

Heroes To Heroes Foundation is a nondenominational 501(c)(3) that successfully helps combat veterans (men and women) from all wars who suffer with moral injury, and who have attempted suicide or are on a path towards self-destruction, heal. Journeys to Israel are a key component to the organizations phenomenal results!

The Heroes To Heroes program is based in spirituality, helping these American heroes reconnect with the faith they have lost due to the horrors of war they have experienced. It is loss of faith that is a critical factor for a great many who attempt suicide.

Heroes To Heroes achieves its phenomenal results through a 3-year program utilizing peer support and by sending Teams of 12 veterans on journeys to the Holy Land (Team 29 recently completed its journey) where they visit the holiest sites of many of the worlds major religions, traveling with 3 IDF soldiers who fully understand their plight. Additionally, the IDF soldiers participate in the nightly discussion sessions with Team coaches.

Some of the sites visited include The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Stations of the Cross, an opportunity for baptism in the Jordan River, the 9/11 Memorial, Yad Vashem, Special in Uniform, the Western Wall and much more!

Watch a short video overview of the Heroes To Heroes Foundation here

WPIX Channel 11/NY video of program participant Harrison’s story, here.

Read HTH Founder Judy Schaffer’s story about how the organization came to be, here.

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Heroes To Heroes Foundations and spiritual journey's to Israel

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  4. Diamond Mair

    If I could have realized the depth of my husband’s (18 years USMC, Vietnam combat veteran) depression regarding his health (2 masses in his lungs), I would have been calling HTH, the VA, ** ANYBODY ** to help him deal. I didn’t know, and as a result, he shot himself 4 January 2015.
    Semper Fi ‘

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