10 Public Speaking Tips (Infographic)

By | December 31, 2015

By any chance do you suffer from Glossophobia? Well, if you do, you’re certainly not alone!

Glossophobia, for those who may be unfamiliar with the term, is the fear of public speaking.

For many, the mere thought of taking the microphone in front of a crowd dredges-up a level of fear that incredibly tops the anxiety surrounding the inevitability of dying.

What are some of the symptoms?

  • intense anxiety prior to, or simply at the thought of having to verbally communicate with any group,
  • avoidance of events which focus the group’s attention on individuals in attendance,
  • physical distress, nausea, or feelings of panic in such circumstances.

Is there a way to lessen the intensity of the emotion and physical symptoms?

From personal experience I would say that being as well prepared as possible is key!

Towards that end, this infographic provides some excellent tips…

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Michael Haltman is President of Hallmark Abstract Service in New York. He can be reached at mhaltman@hallmarkabstractllc.com.


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